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Using Unstructured Data

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Initial notes: GitHub Issue #8482

Do I have to use GraphQL and source plugins to pull data into Gatsby sites?

Absolutely not! You can use the node createPages API to pull unstructured data into Gatsby sites rather than GraphQL and source plugins. This is a great choice for small sites, while GraphQL and source plugins can help save time with more complex sites.

Prerequisites (if any)

The facts


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Tradeoffs to this approach

While using the node createPages API can be the most straightforward way to build a smaller site, there are tradeoffs to this approach.

The first tradeoff is that you cannot transform your data with transformer plugins like gatsby-image, which provides image optimization out of the box.

The second tradeoff is that pulling data in medium+ complex sites could become more difficult.

The Gatsby recommendation

If you’re building a small site, one efficient way to build it is to pull in unstructured data as outlined in this guide, using createPages API, and then if the site becomes more complex later on, you move on to building more complex sites, or you’d like to transform your data, follow these steps:

  1. Check out the Plugin Library to see if the source plugins and/or transformer plugins you’d like to use already exist
  2. If they don’t exist, read the Plugin Authoring guide and consider building your own!

Other resources

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