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Quick Start

This quick start is intended for intermediate to advanced developers. For a gentler intro to Gatsby, head to our tutorial!

Install Gatsby’s command line tool

npm install --global gatsby-cli

Use the Gatsby CLI

Create a new site.

gatsby new gatsby-site

Change directories into site folder.

cd gatsby-site

Start development server.

gatsby develop

Gatsby will start a hot-reloading development environment accessible by default at localhost:8000.

Try editing the JavaScript pages in src/pages. Saved changes will live reload in the browser.

Create a production build.

gatsby build

Gatsby will perform an optimized production build for your site, generating static HTML and per-route JavaScript code bundles.

Serve the production build locally.

gatsby serve

Gatsby starts a local HTML server for testing your built site.

Access documentation for CLI commands.

To see detailed documentation for the CLI commands, run gatsby --help in the terminal.

For specific commands, run gatsby COMMAND_NAME --help e.g. gatsby develop --help.

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