Querying with GraphQL

This page is a work in progress.

What is GraphQL?

graphql.org describes it as “…a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data”.

Gatsby uses GraphQL to create a consistent interface between your static site and your data sources, where data sources can be anything from local markdown files to a remote API.

Gatsby describes your data by creating GraphQL schemas from your data sources.

GraphQL queries can then be associated with your Gatsby pages, ensuring each page receives exactly the data it needs.

Why GraphQL?

  • As Gatsby runs on both server (at build time) & client, need way to specify which data is needed.
  • This is a build-time only use of GraphQL. You don’t need to run a GraphQL server in production.
  • Convenient way to describe data requirements of component.
  • Why query colocation rocks
  • Uses the Relay Modern compiler behind the scenes

Basic Terminology

  • Types based on file type + way data can be transformed
  • Connections
  • Shallow intro to how data layer works e.g. source and transformer plugins.
  • Compare to webpack loaders — like loaders except create schema that can then be queried.
  • Named queries?
  • Using query parameters to manipulate results?

Example queries

Showing off sorting, filtering, picking fields, programmatic transformations

Some example queries from Gatsby’s tests - look for `template literal blocks` with allNode{} in them.

Further reading

Getting started with GraphQL

Advanced readings on GraphQL

TODO — create live GraphQL explorer for GatsbyJS.org

  • iFrame of graphiql instance for this site running on Heroku so people can run live queries.

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