Querying with GraphQL

Rough outline

  • What is GraphQL
  • Why GraphQL? As Gatsby runs on both server (at build time) & client, need way to specify which data is needed.
  • Emphasize this is a build-time only use of GraphQL. You don’t need to run a GraphQL server in production. Convenient way to describe data requirements of component.
  • Why query colocation rocks.
  • Some basic terminology

    • Types based on file type + way data can be transformed
    • Connections
    • Shallow intro to how data layer works e.g. source and transformer plugins.
    • Compare to Webpack loaders — like loaders except create schema that can then be queried.
  • Example queries showing off sorting, filtering, picking fields, programmatic transformations
  • Link to some doc pages on advanced usages of GraphQL.
  • iFrame of graphiql instance for this site running on Heroku so people can run live queries.

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