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Introduction to Using CSS in Gatsby

Welcome to part two of the Gatsby tutorial!

What’s in this tutorial?

In this part we’re going to explore options for styling Gatsby websites and dive deeper into using React components for building sites.

Building with components

One of the big mental shifts you make when starting to build with components (if you are already a developer) is that now your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are tightly coupled, and often living even within the same file.

While a seemingly simple change, this has profound implications for how you think about building websites.

Take the example of creating a custom button. In the past you would create a CSS class (perhaps .primary-button) with your custom styles and then whenever you want to apply those styles e.g.

<button class="primary-button">
  Click me

In the world of components, you instead create a PrimaryButton component with your button styles and use it throughout your site like:

<PrimaryButton>Click me</PrimaryButton>

Components become the base building blocks of your site. Instead of being limited to what the browser provides e.g.