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Quick Start

Gatsby.js Tutorial

Hi! We’re so happy you decided to try using Gatsby. This tutorial has (or rather will have once all parts are written) four parts that'll walk you from getting started developing and building Gatsby sites to deploying a finished and polished high performance static PWA.

This tutorial is for everyone! You do not need to be a programmer or React.js expert. We'll walk you through things.

  1. Introduction to basics of Gatsby — Starting new projects, developing, and deploying sites.
  2. Introduction to styling options, plugins, Styled Components/Glamor, layout component
  3. How to work with GraphQL & different data sources: Markdown, JSON, Remote data sources, etc. As well as an introduction to Gatsby’s data layer and writing queries with GraphQL.
  4. Finishing and deploying a website. React Helmet. We walk through how to put the finishing touches on a website project.