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Adds drop-in support for making a Gatsby site work offline and more resistant to bad network connections. It creates a service worker for the site and loads the service worker into the client.

If you’re using this plugin with gatsby-plugin-manifest (recommended) this plugin should be listed after that plugin so the manifest file can be included in the service worker.


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-offline

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [`gatsby-plugin-offline`]

Overriding options

When adding this plugin to your gatsby-config.js, you can pass in options to override the default Workbox config.

The default config is as follows. Warning: you can break the offline support by changing these options, so tread carefully.

const options = {
  importWorkboxFrom: `local`,
  globDirectory: rootDir,
  modifyUrlPrefix: {
    // If `pathPrefix` is configured by user, we should replace
    // the default prefix with `pathPrefix`.
    "/": `${pathPrefix}/`,
  cacheId: `gatsby-plugin-offline`,
  // Don't cache-bust JS or CSS files, and anything in the static directory,
  // since these files have unique URLs and their contents will never change
  dontCacheBustUrlsMatching: /(\.js$|\.css$|\/static\/)/,
  runtimeCaching: [
      // Use cacheFirst since these don't need to be revalidated (same RegExp
      // and same reason as above)
      urlPattern: /(\.js$|\.css$|\/static\/)/,
      handler: `cacheFirst`,
      // Add runtime caching of various other page resources
      urlPattern: /^https?:.*\.(png|jpg|jpeg|webp|svg|gif|tiff|js|woff|woff2|json|css)$/,
      handler: `staleWhileRevalidate`,
      // Google Fonts CSS (doesn't end in .css so we need to specify it)
      urlPattern: /^https?:\/\/fonts\.googleapis\.com\/css/,
      handler: `staleWhileRevalidate`,
  skipWaiting: true,
  clientsClaim: true,


If you want to remove gatsby-plugin-offline from your site at a later point, substitute it with gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker to safely remove the service worker:

 plugins: [
-  `gatsby-plugin-offline`,
+  `gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker`,

This will ensure that the worker is properly unregistered, instead of leaving an outdated version registered in users’ browsers.

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