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This plugin can be used with a Gatsby project or with a Gatsby theme. It encapsulates the logic for programmatically creating tag pages.


yarn add @maiertech/gatsby-plugin-tags


You can only tag pages of type Mdx. Plugin options:

Option Default Description
dateFormat MMM D, YYYY Date format for tagged items.
type post Type of Mdx pages for which tag pages are created. Another plugin such as @maiertech/gatsby-plugin-blog creates field type, e.g. post. The path for a tag page is <type>s/<tag>.
template Bring your own template. Template receives path and context, which contains values and tag. values contains all items tagged with tag and sorted chronologically (latest item first).

Add @maiertech/gatsby-plugin-tags to your plugins array in gatsby-node.js:

  resolve: "@maiertech/gatsby-plugin-tags",
  options: {
    type: 'post'
    template: 'src/templates/tag.jsx',

You can create multiple sets of tag pages for different types. Add one configuration per type. Here is another configuration:

  resolve: "@maiertech/gatsby-plugin-tags",
  options: {
    dateFormat: 'D MMM YYYY'
    type: 'video'
    template: 'src/templates/tag.jsx',

The frontmatter of each item to be tagged needs to include the following properties:

Property Type Description
date YYYY-MM-DD Item date.
tags array of strings Item tags.
title string Item title.