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Plugins are Node.js packages that implement Gatsby APIs. They enable you to easily solve common website build problems e.g. setup Sass, add markdown support, process images, etc.

For larger / complex sites, they let you modularize your site customizations into site-specific plugins.

Gatsby has a large and growing set of plugins. To search/browse official and community plugins and their documentation, visit the Plugin Library.

How to use Gatsby plugins?

Gatsby plugins are just Node.js packages meaning you install them like anything else in node using NPM.

For example, gatsby-transformer-json is a package which adds support for JSON files to the Gatsby data layer.

To install it, in the root of your site you run:

npm install --save gatsby-transformer-json

Then in your site’s gatsby-config.js you add gatsby-transformer-json to the plugins array like:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [`gatsby-transformer-json`],

Plugins can take options. Note that plugin options will be stringified by Gatsby, so they cannot be functions.

Creating your own plugins

If you’d like to create a custom Gatsby plugin, check out the plugin authoring guide.

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