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Writing Pages in MDX

After installing the plugin, MDX files written in src/pages will turn into pages. This happens because gatsby-mdx looks for MDX files and automatically transpiles them so that Gatsby internals can render them.

Pages are rendered at a URL that is constructed from the filesystem path inside src/pages. An MDX file at src/pages/awesome.mdx will result in a page being rendered at

By default, gatsby-mdx supports frontmatter so you can define things like titles and paths to use in your GraphQL queries.


You can declare frontmatter at the beginning of your MDX document:

title: Hello, world!
path: /hello-world
date: 2019-01-29

# Hello, world!

Which can then be queried with GraphQL:

Note: To query Mdx content, it must be included in the node system using a source like gatsby-source-filesystem first.

query {
  allMdx {
    edges {
      node {
        frontmatter {
          date(formatString: "MMMM DD, YYYY")

Importing components

Similarly to what you’d do in JSX, you can import and render components with JSX. You can also import other MDX documents.

import { Chart } from "../components/chart"
import FAQ from "../content/faq.mdx"

# Here’s a chart

The chart is rendered inside our MDX document.

<Chart />

<FAQ />


MDX supports export syntax as well which allows you to export metadata about a given document. gatsby-mdx will automatically add it to the GraphQL schema so you can use the exported data in your queries and rendering.

export const metadata = {
  name: "World",
  path: "/world",

# Hello, <span>{}</span>

The heading above will say "Hello, World".

Defining a layout

You can specify the layout that will wrap your component using the default export.

import PurpleBorder from "../components/purple-border"

# This will have a purple border

export default PurpleBorder

GraphQL Queries

You can fetch data to use in your MDX file by exporting a pageQuery in the same way you would for a .js page. The queried data is passed as a prop, and can be accessed inside any JSX block when writing in MDX:

import { graphql } from "gatsby"

# My Awesome Page

Here's a paragraph, followed by a paragraph with data!


export const pageQuery = graphql`
  site {
    siteMetadata {

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