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Linking between pages

This guide covers how to link between pages in a Gatsby site.

The Gatsby <Link /> component is for linking between pages within your site. For external links to pages not handled by your Gatsby site, use the regular HTML <a> tag.

Here’s an example of creating a link between two pages in a Gatsby site.

Open a page component (e.g. src/pages/index.js) in your Gatsby site. Import the <Link /> component from Gatsby. Add a <Link /> component below the header, and give it a to property, with the value of "/contact/" for the pathname:

import React from "react"
import { Link } from "gatsby"

export default () => (
    <Link to="/page-2/">Page 2</Link>

Other resources

  • For the complete example of how to link between pages, see Part One in the Tutorial
  • Check out more detail on routing in Gatsby in the API doc for Gatsby Link.

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