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Proxying API Requests in Development

People often serve the front-end React app from the same host and port as their backend implementation.

To tell the development server to proxy any unknown requests to your API server in development, add a proxy field to your gatsby-config.js, for example:

module.exports = {
  proxy: {
    prefix: "/api",
    url: "",

This way, when you fetch('/api/todos') in development, the development server will recognize that it’s not a static asset, and will proxy your request to as a fallback.

Keep in mind that proxy only has effect in development (with gatsby develop), and it is up to you to ensure that URLs like /api/todos point to the right place in production.

Advanced proxying

Sometimes you need more granular/flexible access to the develop server. Gatsby exposes the Express.js develop server to your site’s gatsby-config.js where you can add Express middleware as needed.

var proxy = require("http-proxy-middleware")

module.exports = {
  developMiddleware: app => {
        target: "http://localhost:9000",
        pathRewrite: {
          "/.netlify/functions/": "",

Keep in mind that middleware only has effect in development (with gatsby develop).

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