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Blog & Website Contributions

We wholeheartedly welcome contributions to the Gatsby blog and website! Instructions on this page:

Contributing to the blog

Note: Before adding a blog post ensure you have approval from a member of the Gatsby team. You can do this by opening an issue or contacting @gatsbyjs on Twitter.

To add a new blog post to the blog:

  • Clone the Gatsby repo and navigate to /www
  • Run yarn to install all of the website’s dependencies. (Why Yarn?)
  • Run npm run develop to preview the blog at http://localhost:8000/blog.
  • The content for the blog lives in the /docs/blog folder. Make additions or modifications here.
  • Add your avatar image to /docs/blog/avatars
  • Add your name to /docs/blog/author.yaml
  • Add a new folder following the pattern /docs/blog/yyyy-mm-dd-title. Within this newly created folder add an file.
  • Add title, date, author, and tags (view existing tags or add a new one) to the frontmatter of your If you are cross posting your post you can add canonicalLink for SEO benefits. You can check the other blog posts in /docs/blog for examples.
  • If your blog post contains images add them to your blog post folder and reference them in your post’s
  • Ensure any links to are relative links - /contributing/how-to-contribute/ instead of
  • Follow the Style Guide to make sure you’re using the appropriate wording.
  • Double check your grammar and capitalize correctly
  • Commit and push to your fork
  • Create a pull request from your branch

    • We recommend using a prefix of docs, e.g. docs/your-change or docs-your-change (PR example)

Blog post format

The following format can help you in creating your new blog content. At the top is “frontmatter”, a fancy name for metadata in Markdown; the frontmatter for your post should include a title, date, singular author name (for now, we would welcome issues/PRs for this), and one or more tags. Your content will follow, after the second set of dashes (---).

title: "Your Great Blog Post"
date: YYYY-MM-DD
author: John Doe
  - awesome
  - post

Your next great blog post awaits!

Include images by creating a folder for your post and including
Markdown and image files for easy linking.

![awesome example](./image.jpg)

Making changes to the website

If you want to make changes, improvements, or add new functionality to the website: like with the blog, you don’t have to set up the full Gatsby repo to contribute. You can spin up your own instance of the Gatsby website with these steps:

  • Clone the Gatsby repo and navigate to /www
  • Run yarn to install all of the website’s dependencies.
  • Run npm run develop to preview the site at http://localhost:8000/.

Note: If you are experiencing issues on a Linux machine, run sudo apt install libvips-dev, to install a native dependency. You can also reference Gatsby guide on Linux for other Linux-specific requirements.

Now you can make and preview your changes before raising a pull request!

For full repo setup instructions, visit the code contributions page.

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