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This plugin caches your build files locally or in the Netlify cache directory. It will massively speed up subsequent builds.

☁️ Installation

npm install gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache

🛫 Setup

Add 'gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache' to the plugins in your gatsby-config.js file.

✋ Usage


In your local environment nothing happens to avoid conflicts with your development process. It actually checks if process.env.NETLIFY_BUILD_BASE exists to detect a Netlify environment.


It automatically restores your cache and caches new files within the Netlify cache folder. This folder is undocumented but works fine. To reset the cache, hit the Clear build cache checkbox in the Netlify app.

These folders are cached by default:

  • .cache directory
  • public directory

⚙️ Configuration

cachePublic - default: false

Caching the public directory on long term can result in a huge directory size which can break your netlify build. Enable this with caution.

plugins: [
    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache",
    options: {
      cachePublic: true

extraDirsToCache - default: []

If you need additionals directories to be cached, you can use the option extraDirsToCache to include one or multiple directories to Netlify cache:

plugins: [
    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache",
    options: {
      extraDirsToCache: [

Note: the directory path is relative to the project root directory