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Linaria plugin for Gatsby

This plugin modifies Gatsby’s webpack configuration to support Linaria.

Install the plugin and Linaria:

yarn add gatsby-plugin-linaria linaria

Add it to your plugins in gatsby-config.js:

plugins: [

Finally, make sure to add .linaria-cache to your .gitignore file.

That’s it! gatsby-plugin-linaria configures Linaria’s webpack plugin to use babel-preset-gatsby, which contains Gatsby’s Babel configuration.


If you’re using gatsby-plugin-typescript, make sure to include it before gatsby-plugin-linaria:

plugins: [

Happy styling! :art:y’


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At the time of this writing, Gatsby comes with eslint-loader built-in, which seems to be unable to detect the modified Babel configuration. So far the fastest way to fix this is to add both ESLint and Babel configuration file to your project. Configure ESLint to extend eslint-config-react-app (this is the one that Gatsby uses) and configure Babel according to Gatsby’s instructions how to add a custom Babel configuration, and add linaria/babel as well.

Read #15 for more context.