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A Gatsby theme to create a blog.


Theme options

assetPath (default: /content/assets/posts)

Path to folder with pictures for blog posts.

basePath (default: "")

Root URL for blog. By default, the blog is served from /. When using this theme together with other themes, you should change this option to /blog.

contentPath (default: /content/posts)

Path to folder with MDX blog posts. The filename convention is <slug>.mdx, e.g. a-very-interesting-article.mdx. If you do not set a slug in the frontmatter, the base name, in this example a-very-interesting-article is used as slug.

type (default: post)

If this theme is configured multiple times in gatsby-config.js, you can distinguish different post collections with the type field in GraphQL queries, e.g. type blog for blog posts and type news news articles.

profileType (default: profile)

This theme uses @undataforum/gatsby-theme-profiles to manage profile pages of blog post authors. The frontmatter of each post contains one or more links to profiles via profile slugs. Referenced profiles must be part of the profileType collection of profiles.

title (default: Blog)

Page title for the index page generated at route basePath. Defaults to Posts. Can be set to something like Blog or News.

description (optional)

SEO description for the index page generated at route basePath.

Example theme config

This example shows how to include this theme twice, but keep the post collections separate:

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@undataforum/gatsby-theme-blog`,
      options: {
        basePath: '/news',
        assetPath: '/assets/news',
        contentPath: '/content/news',
        type: 'news'
      resolve: `@undataforum/gatsby-theme-blog`,
      options: {
        basePath: `/blog`,
        assetPath: `/assets/blog`,
        contentPath: '/content/blog',
        type: 'blog`


Frontmatter for MDX profiles located in contentPath.

title (required)

Post title.

date (required)

Date formatted as YYYY-mm-DD. The date as it should appear on the site. There is no timezone magic happening anywhere.

authors (required)

List of profile slugs referencing profiles in the profileType collection. profileType is a theme option.

slug (optional)

By default, this theme derives a posts’s slug from its MDX filename: <slug>.mdx. If you set a slug in the frontmatter, it takes precedence.

description (optional)

By default, this theme uses a post’s first paragraph as description meta tag for SEO. If you provide description in the frontmatter, it takes precedence over the first paragraph.