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Sourcing Content and Data

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Notes on this document:

Tl;dr: This doc is part of creating an onboarding experience more similar to express/flask/create-react-app/react-static). It will be like a create-gatsby-app experience. This will include making it clearer that you can start building with Gatsby without GraphQL (through adding unstructured data, for example) and make it clear that GraphQL is a more “advanced” requirement for ambitious use cases. It will also involve building different CLI’s for different types of sites.

Why make these big changes?

  • GraphQL learning curve is one of the top 3 pain points of Gatsby users
  • GraphQL learning curve drives many people away from Gatsby
  • Many people think GraphQL is a requirement for using Gatsby, which isn’t true
  • Probably 5% need GraphQL but we’re making 100% of them go through GraphQL.

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