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Deploying to Clodui

Clodui is a static hosting service; Clodui automatically optimizes your website files for speed. This guide explains how to deploy your Gatsby website to Clodui.

Clodui supports the following features to improve your website speed and development efforts :

  • Serves a website served from a global CDN to reduce network latency.
  • Compresses files to Brotli or GZip and serve it based on the browser support.
  • Minifies all your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Generates WebP version of all your images. Images then served based on browser support.
  • Handles dynamic image resizes based on Client-Hint headers or query string parameters.
  • Automatic form submission handling with support for webhook integration.
  • Deployments are atomic with support for instant rollback.

Prerequisites :

  • This guide assumes that you have a Gatsby site setup and ready to deploy

Steps to get started

Follow these steps to deploy your website to Clodui.

  1. Sign up to create an account using your email and password. Note : Don’t use social login like Google or Facebook to sign up because Clodui CLI doesn’t support it yet.

  2. Install the Clodui CLI:

    npm install @clodui/cli -g
  3. Set environment variables CLODUI_USERNAME, CLODUI_PASSWORD with Clodui username and password respectively. In Linux/macOS terminal this can be done by:

    export CLODUI_USERNAME=<Clodui username>
    export CLODUI_PASSWORD=<Clodui password>

    On Windows command prompt this can be done by:

    SET CLODUI_USERNAME=<Clodui username>
    SET CLODUI_PASSWORD=<Clodui password>
  4. To create your Clodui website from Gatsby output directory public; run this command from the root of your Gatsby project:

    clodui website create --source-dir public

    The command output shows website id, name(which is your website name), deployment status and URL to your website. URL to your website is of the following format https://<website-name> URL is accessible after the deployment completes, i.e. deployment status is Deployed.

    If the deployment is in progress, wait for the deployment to finish. To check the latest website status, run the following command.

    clodui website status --website-id <Clodui website id>
  5. After your website created, to deploy new changes from public directory, run the following command.

    clodui deploy create --website-id <Clodui website id> --source-dir public --publish

    --publish flag auto-publish the deployment so that changes are visible when you visit your website URL.

Deploying from GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions allows you to automate deployment workflows. Use custom Clodui Actions to deploy changes to your Clodui website.

To enable continuous deployment, add this to your GitHub workflow file as a next step after building the Gatsby website.

- name: Deploy to Clodui
  uses: clodui/actions-cli@v2.0
    username: ${{ secrets.CLODUI_USERNAME }}
    password: ${{ secrets.CLODUI_PASSWORD }}
    website-id: ${{ secrets.WEBSITE_ID }}
    source-dir: ./public
    publish: publish

Here Clodui credentials and website id are fetched from the GitHub secret store.

Additional resources

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